Scholarships Policy

HAAHE Scholarship Policy

This policy statement is intended to set forth the purpose, procedures, limits, amounts, selection criteria and eligibility requirements for the HAAHE Scholarship Program (the Program)


  1. Purpose:

    The purpose of the Program is to encourage advancement in the field of hospital engineering and to assist applicants in pursuing advanced education and certification and cetera.

  2. Scholarship Committee:

    1. The HAAHE Board shall form a committee composed of at least four HAAHE members; two of whom shall be Board members.
    2. The Scholarship Committee (the Committee) shall be headed by a Chairperson (Chair) who is a member of the HAAHE Board.
  3. Scholarships Available:

    1. HAAHE will strive to award at least up TWO scholarships per year.
    2. Scholarships will be for up to $1,000 for qualified college course or certification classes.
    3. Scholarships for which tuition and fees are below $1,000 will be for the amount of the tuition and reasonable fees.
    4. The HAAHE Board of Directors may, at its discretion, elect to award more than two scholarships, based of available funds and the size of scholarship requests.

  4. Eligibility:

    To be eligible to receive a scholarship, the applicant must:

    1. Membership:

      1. Be a member of HAAHE, in good standing, or an employee of a facility with at least one HAAHE member in good standing.
      2. An employee of healthcare facility with at least one HAAHE member in good standing or,
      3. An employee of a non-healthcare related entity with at least one HAAHE member in good standing, demonstrating that he/she is working directly and /or planning to work directly in a healthcare setting either

    2. Be an entering or continuing college student or in pursuit of a certification related to healthcare engineering or construction as detailed under "Qualified Areas of Study."
    3. Restrictions: A person is ineligible if that person is a member of or part of the immediate family of a member of the HAAHE Board of Committee or is married to an immediate family member of these groups.

  5. Qualified Areas of Study:

    1. Those studies directly related to the technical aspects of healthcare operations or management of hospital facilities.
    2. Certifications required for or beneficial to advancement of the applicant in healthcare engineering.

  6. Application Process:

    1. The Applicant must complete the scholarship application developed by the HAAHE Scholarship Committee and approved by the HAAHE Board.
    2. The completed application must be forwarded to the address listed on the application form.

  7. Evaluation Process:

    1. The Chair of the Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for assuring that each application is complete, the applicant is eligible for a scholarship, and the course of study is qualified, prior to forwarding the application to the Committee
    2. The Scholarship Committee shall receive the application with the name of the applicant removed for blind evaluation.
    3. Each member of the committee shall review the application and complete an evaluation and scoring form.
    4. Scores from each member shall be totaled and the highest scores shall be selected.
    5. The evaluation score of the Chair of the committee shall be not be included in the total but held as a tie breaker should one exist in the scores.
    6. Evaluation Criteria: The selection of applicants for scholarship award shall be merit based and not need based.

      1. Grade Point Average or other indicators of past academic performance.
      2. Academic achievements
      3. Community activities
      4. Involvement
      5. Relevance of the course to Healthcare Engineering or the advancement of Healthcare Engineering

  8. Disbursement of Scholarship Funds:

    1. The HAAHE Treasurer shall issue a check for the scholarship directly to the applicant upon direction of the Chair of the Scholarship Committee.
    2. The Chair of the Scholarship Committee shall issue, to the HAAHE Treasurer, direction for payment of the scholarship when appropriate criteria have met.
    3. Criteria for payment:

      1. To receive scholarship funds for higher education programs, the applicant must demonstrate enrollment in the course of study listed in the application and payment of the tuition and fees.
      2. To receive scholarship funds for certifications and other programs not affiliated with a college or university, the applicant must demonstrate successful completion of the course or receipt to the certification.