Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Houston Area Association for Hospital Engineering is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas important to the healthcare engineering community in the Houston area. The issues presented by the local environment and the rich hospital community in and around Houston, make it important that the engineers in this community have a common place to share experiences and gain knowledge.

Through regular meetings and periodic events, the HAAHE will provide opportunities to meet and get to know other engineers in the Houston area who are involved in the management of hospital facilities, design and consulting for hospitals, and contracting and equipment services.

The HAAHE community will support itself through educational programs at each of its meetings covering topics important to Houston area hospital operations, design, and construction. Special topics covering the compliance with Joint Commission, and other codes will be included.

HAAHE will provide support to member's and their organizations through educational outreach programs for operations personnel, upcoming designers, and project supervision.

There are no upcoming events.